"Sternberg's five dancers are incredible technicians bullishly strong with sharp, clean lines; but it was their dramatic presence all five separately and as a cohesive unit that made them the stellar performers I saw before me. The evening ended with "The Back of Beauty", a tour de force featuring all four female dancers, four chairs and colored skirts. The dancers were topless; but with their backs to us as they tangoed with their chairs, it became clear that the most intimate body part was the one undulating and writhing before us (Amanda Adams' tattoos not to mention back didn't hurt). To Lisbeth Scott and Greg Ellis' pulsating beat, the dancers acted as temptresses, waving this languid body part in front of us like flags and we bulls in a corrida. The piece provided the perfect climax to this electrifying evening, solidifying Donna Sternberg's talent as a maker of dances as technically stunning as they are dramatically resonant."
---- Jessica Abrams, exploredance.com
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"In the trees, over benches, facing the sun, on the grass just a few of the places that Donna Sternberg's dancers recently could be found dancing at the Palisades Park in Santa Monica. The use of the grounds themselves was highly enjoyable. The dancers moved to five different sections of the park, making the use of existing flora, benches, sculptures and open grass. Moving in and out of the natural surroundings in an outdoor setting made it easy to identify with the botanical themes. Perhaps the most interesting part was watching the faces of random pedestrians passing by while on an afternoon stroll or run. Amusement, surprise and even fascination could be seen. What a great way to connect the public with dance performances. Overall, an engaging piece and one that showcases Donna Sternberg's strengths in site-based work and scientific themes as inspiration."
---- Vanessa Adelmann, Setting the Dancer Within Free
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Preview article, Seven Silly Questions: With Dancer and Choreographer Donna Sternberg
---- Jutin Scupine, Culver City Times
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"Donna Sternberg's perspective encompasses the range of emotion while maintaining a cutting edge perceptible in the choreography and choice of music which, when combined with the projections on the wall, tied the whole concept really well.  All of the parts of Quantum Entanglement worked effectively to formulate an evening of enjoyable science and dance."
---- Diane Monroe, Beverly Hills Outlook
"Strong, agile and fluid, Donna Sternberg and her ensemble presented a technically superb evening of modern dance pieces. The company's strength is twofold, resting on the dancers' impressive technique and Sternberg's diverce choreography."
---- Pamela Hurley Diamond, Dance Magazine
...the choreographer rose to the composer's level, delivering out of the fugal structure an intricately layered work of upward-focused lyricism."
---- Donna Perlmutter, Los Angeles Times

"Few dancer-choreographers could have pulled off such a myraid of styles, techniques and emotions as Donna Sternberg did. Her forte lies in her powerful combinations of movement, sound and emotional impact."
---- Gillian Rees, Dance West Magazine

"Exceptional ability to communicate through pure movement."
---- Irene Oppenheim, Los Angeles Times

"Dancy dancers for whom movement takes precedence over other production values."
---- Mindy Aloff, The Orgegonian

Awarded "One of Best Choreographers of 2005 and 2007 "
---- Diane Monroe, Beverly Hills Outlook.

"This dynamic company of five evenly matched, energetic women with strong technique, turned in a wonderful performance. Donna Sternberg seemed to be concerned with the thematics of alienation and the way individuals interact."
---- Diane Monroe, Beverly Hills Outlook

"(The) dancers moved seamlessly with the music, expressing a great array of emotions through a few simple gestures. The audience seemed palpably moved."
----Tiffany Farmakis, Valley Star

"The audience was engulfed in a complete trance through the show's enigmatic and profound music. The interpretive dancing choreographed by Sternberg seamlessly blended with the music's mysterious vibe. The video backdrop displayed techno-like forms and shapes that pulsated to the music and amplified the emotions of the dancers. Sternberg's dancers, the real stars of the show, did an exceptional job...The choreography melded the grace of ballet with the aggressive force of contemporary dancing. In "Rage to Know," Sternberg and Masucci have drawn a parallel between art and science that transcends the limitations of reality"
----John Manalang, Daily Sundial