The Flowering of Desire
Composers:  Chaloub, Desplat, Waits, Piazolla, Fields, Scott, Ellis
Performers:  5 dancers
Length of work: 1 hour, 45 minutes
An examination of desire through the lens of plant biology. 
Performed in multiple venues including site-specific as well as theatrical.

Composer: Ken Christianson
Visual Artist: Gwen Samuels
Performers: 5 dancers, 2 musicians
Length of work: 50 minutes
A collaboration with musician/composer Ken Christianson and visual artist Gwen Samuels that examines how our perceptions are colored by our expectations, beliefs and memories.

"Quantum Entanglement"
"Quantum Entanglement"
Composers: Pook, Gotan Project, Burman, Albinoni, Tinariwen
Performers: 5 dancers, 1 musician, 1 actor
Length of work: 1 hour
A multi-media collaboration with digital artist Michael Masucci, the work explores the concept of entanglement from both a scientific and human perspective, mixing up the subatomic movement of particles with the emotional ramifications of being entwined with people and situations.

Lying on Iguanas
"Lying on Iguanas"

Composers: McBane, Alvarez, Guem, Dan, Chaloub
Performers: 4 dancers, 1 actress/dancer
Length of work: 1 hour
A collaboration with visual artist Kathi Packer that involves video, text, sets and dance to examine the paradoxical relationship humans have with the natural environment, on the one hand admiring its beauty and diversity and on the other being a participant in its destruction.


Rage to Know
"Rage to Know" (2006-7)

Composer: Masucci, Johnson, Savas, Sternberg, Lang,
Axiom of Choice, Golijov, de Falla
Performers: 4 dancers, 2 actors, 1 singer
Length of work: 1 hour, 10 minutes
A multi-media collaboration with digital media artist Michael Masucci the work combines video, digital imagery and animation with dance, theatre and music to explore theoretical physics themes such as quantum mechanics and parallel universes.

"L'Etranger" (2005)
Composer: Phillip Glass
Performers: 5
Length of work: 25 minutes
An examination of the increased intolerance of individual disparity in a
post 9/11 society and the effects it produces.

Rings (2004)
Composer: Karsh Kale
Performers: 5
Length of Work: 15 minutes
A work based upon the scientific laws of celestial mechanics

There Are Hundreds of Ways to Kneel and Kiss the Ground (2004)
Composers: Nyofu, Claude Charoub, James Asher
Performers: 5
Length of work: 16 minutes
Merging modern dance and contemporary ballet, this dance is inspired by
apoem by the Sufi mystic, Rumi

Gossiping to Death (2004)
Composer: Zap Mama
Performers: 4
Length of work: 12 minutes
An examination of a murder from three different points of view

Flight (2003)
Composer: Tumbara
Performers: 5
Length of work: 15 minutes
Traces the evolution of man’s quest to fly

Maturity (2003)

Composer: Cesar Franck
Performers: 3
Length of work: 16 minutes
Inspired by the sculpture of Camille Claudel the work depicts the progression from youth through middle age to old age

Conversations (2003)
Composer: Julia Wolfe, Osvaldo Golijov
Performers: 4
Length of work: 25 minutes
A trio of dances exploring communication and its aftermath

"Mourning/Morning" (2002)

Composer: Chalhoub
Performers: 5
Length of work: 14 minutes
A reflection on the role that women play in crisis as well as the connections they have amongst themselves.

"Ricochet" (2002)

Composers: Knaack, Field
Performers: 4
Length of work: 16 minutes
An exploration of energy bonds between people, how the actions of one person effect other people.

"La Loba" (2000)
Composers: Perry, Gerrard, Subramanian,
Performers: 3
Length of work: 15 minutes
Based on a multicultural myth about an old woman who collects and sings over the bones of wolves, bringing them to life and then transforming them into a woman.

"Search/Light" (1999)
Composers: Schnitke, Gerrard, Bourke, Lauridsen
Performers: 5
Length of work: 15 minutes
A spiritual quest for meaning and understanding. Lyrical, expressive movement washes the stage creating a luminous atmosphere.

"Emily Carr: Paintings in Motion" (1997)
Composers: Loveland, Kater, Nakai, Grimes
Performers: 3
Length of work: 20 minutes
Inspired by the work of Emily Carr, an artist of renown from British
Columbia, Canada. Her paintings of nature and the indigenous peoples of Western Canada capture the wild, untamed beauty of that region which is mirrored in movement which is by turns heady, serene and playful.

"Skittering" (2001)
Composers: Burman, Rangel, Meyer, McLachlan
Performers: 5
Length of work: 15 minutes
A light-hearted romp celebrating the frivolity of play, the joy of moving and the pleasure of camaraderie.

"Nuestras Partes Nobles Tienen Los Dientes (2000)
Composers: Mesinai, Lang, Globokar, Pook, Perry, Gerrard, Subramanian,
Valez, Alvarez
Performers: 6-7
Length of work: 1 hour
This full evening length work explores female sexuality and power through
multicultural myths, fables and stories.

"Scream" (1998)
Composers: Sakamoto, Chocolate Weasel, Tobin
Performers: 4
Length of work: 14 minutes
A physically daring and challenging work that traverses the emotional landscape of anger and grief.

"Pieces of Women" (1993)
Composer: Hussain
Performers: 4
Length of work: 20 minutes
"Pieces of Women" evokes the images of the desert and heat: the lush, sensuous movement is juxtaposed with percussive quick bursts of fire.

Other choreographed works:

"As I Grow", "Weaving Our Ancestors Voices", "Emerging", "Fractured Images" "On Stripping Bark From Myself", "Falling", "Portraits by Egon Schiele", "Swept Away", "A Day for Dancing", "River of Life/River of Death", "Tight", "In/Side/Out", "Untitled", "The Line", "Shadow Self", "Rituals", "Dark Night", "See Saw", "Earthprints", "Who Are Your Heroes?", "Hermit Songs", "Siena’s Catherine","Parts of a Whole", "2Parts 2Gether", "Love Is Not a Dirty Word" , "Pikadon (Flash Boom)", "Empty/Try Another", "Cycles", "Biographical Sketch", "Introduction", "To Ann Ree", "Visionary", "Epistrophy", "Tango", "Morning Ceremony", "The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even, Erratum Musicale", "No Other Gods Before Me", "Quirky Breezin", "Accent" , "Suite", "Within/Without", "Film", "Inbetween", "Sentences", "Oregon Songs: Cascade, Aurora, Deep Night", "Bordering", "Nobody Knows", "Solo"